1) What documents do you need to submit deal?  We require bill of sale or worksheet and complete credit application. You may also print and forward us deal from DealerTrack. If you have copy of Driver’s License and other documents such as pay-stubs, please do so as well.

2) How do we submit deal for credit decision? Simply fax or email. Fax is 1-888-239-6450 and email: credit@capitaltrustfinancial.com.

3) How quick do you make decision on submission? Very quick. In most cases less than an hour. Deals forwarded after 6 will be responded back the next business day.

4) How do you book deals? Every deal is assessed on individual bases. We work with you and your customer to  ensure smooth and easy approval that works best for all parties.

5) What’s next after the customer has signed your paperwork? After we have received the satisfactory form of insurance confirmation, we then install GPS tracking device, provide you with Power of Attorney and Wholesale bill of sale. Once, the vehicle registration has been transferred, simply fax or email us Wholesale bill of sale, Ownership, Safety certificate along with any third party warranty you may have sold for funding.

6) How quick and how do we get funded? If paperworks are received before 5 PM, you will get funded the same day. Otherwise, next business day via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

7) Do you report to credit bureaus? Yes, we do report to both Equifax and Transunion. Therefore, if clients are making their auto payments on time, it will help to build up or establish credit.