Have you arrived in Canada recently? Are you an international student? Buying a car, and navigating with Google Maps! can make it easier to run errands. However, if you just moved to Canada recently, you likely don’t have a credit score yet which probably affects your chances to be eligible for an auto loan from a major bank.

If you don’t want to spend a significant amount of your savings to pay for a car, you can count on us at Capital Trust Financial.

The Great White North enjoys booming economy and is famous for its very friendly citizens. So is Capital Trust Financial; with our newcomer-friendly system, we want to make your life easier and will make sure there are ways a newcomer, like you, goes about getting on the road.

With 6 years of successful experience in the auto loans industry, no credit history or low credit score is not an issue that we cannot resolve. After all, we take pride in being specialists in subprime loans.

We take newcomers and international students’ car loan application. With a decent down-payment, you can be a eligible for a car loan to cover the cost of your next car. Put an end to your auto loan search and fill out the forms on our website. At Capital Trust Financial, we make sure you receive the best interest rate and loan terms possible, given you do not have any bank credit.

First thing, first; research your vehicle. What car suits your needs best? Google different makes and models of cars, and search safety ratings of the cars. The auto industry has a fast growing market and keeping up with every make and model is not an easy task. Make sure you read reviews from owners before short-listing your vehicles options. Choose a practical and functional car for the start. You can always come back to us to payout your current loan and upgrade to another car. Do you need to drive your children to school and move cargo? In that case a small sedan will not be the best option for you. Use all the means possible to find the best car that suits your need. Be it used car or new car, we are here to assist you to receive the most convenient car loan.

After deciding on your car, think reasonably about your budget; have an idea about the monthly budget you can afford and discuss it with our experts. They will do their best to secure you the best installment plan possible. Sign up online and fill out the credit application on our website.

After submitting your request for the auto loan, we will discuss the best possible plan with the lowest interest rate and will walk you through every step. As our customers say, we offer a “great customer service, easy process and always efficient!”