COVID-19 has affected nearly every part of the world, including our community of Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada). We are seeing businesses and school closures in an effort to promote social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus. We wish everyone to stay safe and take all of the necessary precautions in order to avoid getting sick.

Though the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak finds many of us working at home during the day, it does not necessarily eliminate the essential needs such as grocery shopping, dentist, pick up take out meals on the way from work if you are still in the office or even take public transit for those without their own car.

Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, listed all motor vehicles, car dealerships and related facilities including auto financing / leasing companies as essential businesses for Ontario’s economy in terms of transportation. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your home anymore and go from one salesperson to another one in order to find that perfect vehicle. The Internet is overwhelmed with reviews of new and used vehicles that can tell you more about any given car than could many showroom assistants. Major car dealers’ websites list current inventories of various models, with many supplying online vehicle history reports free of charge.

Some Toronto dealerships will even deliver a chosen vehicle to your door. New “touchless” service will include unloading the car on your driveway, sanitizing the steering wheel and keys and leaving paperwork on the passenger seat for further processing. We hope that more Canadians will be able to benefit from upper scale services offered by the dealerships as a means to avoid any potential communication with personnel until we overcome the difficulties of coronavirus lockdown. Trading in is also another option to consider. During the age of coronavirus, it is possible not only to get a loan for any used car but also to trade in an existing car via the same vendor without physically showing up at the dealership.

For most, however, test driving a given model, dealing with a trade-in, and finalizing the paperwork will be done in person at a dealership or auto financing organization. While used car showrooms, dealerships, and other auto financing / leasing companies are staying open as essential businesses for today’s economy, foot traffic is slow. That means social distancing will not be an issue for anyone, though it’s probably prudent not to deal with a coughing salesperson. And, on the bright side, with a downturn in sales expected, salespeople and private sellers should be inclined to strike favorable deals and provide affordable used car financing.

Have you decided to buy your dream car now? Capital Trust Financial is here to rescue. While staying open during these tough times, we are eager to help you with any car financing issues and answer all your questions at once regardless of whether you have good or bad credit rating today. Take a moment to start the process by filling out our auto loan request form right now. It’s free of cost and comes with no obligations.