Our world has changed tremendously in the last few weeks but amid all the distress, there are some positive stories, messages and reasons to remain overly optimistic. Today’s newsletter focuses on the good news and signs of hope that are probably getting overlooked – and read to the end for a message from Capital Trust Financial.

  • Ottawa orders made-in-Canada ventilators, surgical masks, COVID-19 tests in rush for supply; more than 3,200 companies have offered to help producemedical equipment since the government put out a call less than two weeks ago
  • The first US clinical trials for a potential vaccine have begun in Seattle
  • 103-year-old Chinese grandmother made a full recovery from COVID-19
  • Clinical trials of potential vaccines are underway in China, testing methods of stimulating our immune system to fight the virus
  • In South Korea, the spread appears to have slowed thanks to widespread testing, including drive-thru tests and phone box-style testing booths
  • Johnson & Johnson and French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi are both working with the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to develop vaccines
  • Doctors in India have reported success in treating COVID-19 infected patients with a mixture of drugs usually used to tackle HIV, swine flu and malaria

The Earth is also taking a break. Current slowdown in economy, transportation and production is having a huge positive impact on the environment:

  • China’s lockdown led to a 25 percent decrease in CO2 emissions when compared with the same period in 2019
  • Researcher Marshall Burke from Stanford University calculated that the reduction in emissions in China in January and February could save as many as 77,000 lives which is more than 20 times the number of people who died from coronavirus in that time

In Capital Trust Financial we also strive to address the concerns of our valued customers and continue working on case-by-case basis in order to help you understand and alleviate any financial hardships you may experience with your auto loan as a result of ongoing pandemic. As a car financing organization, we are committed to maintain the highest level of auto financing services, providing expert advice on auto loans, used car loan financing, evaluation of auto loan terms and interest rates for all clients regardless whether they have good or bad credit score.

As safety, health and well-being of our customers and employees are the key values and priorities of Capital Trust Financial, we are currently working remotely and are not able to accept any in-person appointments. However, you can reach our customer service team over the phone or email and we will be happy to resolve any issues associated with your existing car loan or discuss the possibility of financing your dream car.

All our team from Capital Trust Financial is wishing you to be safe, take care of yourself, your family, especially the elderly and those who are at the highest risk. We are open Monday-Friday, 10 am-5pm. Please follow the updates on our website and one more time – be safe.

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