Vehicle history reports have become an integral part of any used-car purchase. According to statistics, 1 of every 4 vehicles in Canada has reported previous damage, 1 in 6 vehicles has an unfixed safety recall and over 40% of Canadian vehicles still have active liens on from previous financing companies or repair shops. All of those factors play crucial role when considering such an important purchase; and vehicle history reports provide the greatest opportunity to learn about past history in order to make the most sound decision when choosing the right vehicle. Nowadays, consumers have access to numerous types of vehicle reports promising to reveal the past of any car, and CARFAX is rightfully considered the most comprehensive report available for public due to several reasons:

– CARFAX is first and the most trusted company that was initially established back in 1984 even before Internet came into existence

– CARFAX reports are the most detailed, providing not only basic information in regard to accidents occurred, but also unique data such as maintenance dates, safety, and inspection history

– CARFAX has access and receives information from over 100,000 various sources across United States and Canada including provincial agencies, auto auctions, police / fire departments and repair shops

– Choices available between regular Carfax Vehicle Report and Carfax Vehicle Report + Lien Check for more sophisticated and in-depth information

– Compared to other reports, CARFAX has the most user-friendly format which makes it easy to read and understand not only for experienced dealers but also regular consumers

Overall, CARFAX is a great tool that has helped millions of Canadians in their vehicle buying journey. However, it is always important to remember that any vehicle history report is as good as the information that gets put into it. In other words, clear CARFAX history report does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is good as certain information might not have been uploaded to CARFAX in the first place. In order to get the most of the vehicle condition, it is always a good idea to take into a trusted reputable mechanic who can give thorough check prior actual purchase takes place and the vehicle leaves dealership parking lot for good.