The worldwide disruption cause by COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many different industries suffering throughout the past year and auto industry, perhaps, was facing one of the greatest challenges due to prolonged lockdowns and steep decrease in vehicle sales. Thankfully, with expanding vaccine rollout all over the country, the future now looks much more optimistic for everyone.

Dealerships and manufacturers are also adapting to new realities in order to embrace and accommodate their customers. So what changes can we expect to see on the dealership parking lots in the upcoming years? Automotive industry is far from stagnant and is currently repositioning itself towards electrification.

Before the pandemic, the idea of sustainability was on the rise and past year provided the opportunity for auto industry to ramp up its investments into electric vehicles. Potential vehicle buyers can expect to see a vast increase in the number of marketing campaigns aimed towards electric vehicles production. At the same time, dealership lots will be gradually updating their vehicle line-ups with the focus towards much-awaited electrical cars, from sport sedans and coupes to SUVs. It does not necessarily mean that Tesla will immediately lose its prominent position, however, it is quite anticipated that there are many more electric vehicles to come at more competitive prices that will be suitable for any budget.

The team of Capital Trust Financial further wishes you and your families to stay safe and healthy as we are continuing to provide assistance and support to our existing clients as well as helping any potential car buyers with all of the financing needs.

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