Dear clients, customers and all new applicants, after a short break we are sending you a message with the hopes for getting our lives back to normal in the nearest future due to a number of recent positive news.

It’s hard to believe, but it has already been over a year since COVID-19 pandemic was declared and left millions of people suffering with families being torn apart and lives put on hold. But it has also been a year of unimaginable scientific achievements. Within several months after the first case was identifies, the world has now a number of vaccines proven to be effective in the fight against the virus.

Thankfully, after certain backlogs with vaccination in Canada, the vaccination roll out is finally speeding up while providing an opportunity for more Canadians to get vaccinated as early as this summer.  Moreover, it is expected that by the end of June, over 75% of Canadians will receive the first batch which will allow the government to lift certain health restrictions with the hopes for a return to something resembling normality in the upcoming months.

As summer is getting closer, more and more people are heading outside to enjoy much awaited warm sunny days with friends and families. Hopefully, with enhanced vaccination program and lifting restrictions, there is a chance that if not foreign travelling but at least camping and road trip opportunities will soon become an integral part of our lives once again. 

We can further expect the dealerships to open their doors and greet potential car buyers in person, offer test drives and answer all of the emerging questions. Should you be one of those people postponing your car purchase until better days, now is the time to start thinking thoroughly on the vehicle that can suite your lifestyle, needs and budget.

At Capital Trust Financial, we have been continuously  supporting our existing customers and helping new potential clients to get car loans for new and used vehicles throughout the pandemic. More than ever we are committed to provide excellent customer service and ongoing assistance with any financing needs; and we will be further updating you on the most recent news. Please check our news feed regularly for the latest auto industry updates.

We wish you and your families to stay safe and healthy. As we navigate through these challenging times; we are constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to be a part of such a strong community. We advise everyone to get vaccinated once possible in order to protect yourself and your communities and propel through to better times!