Today June 1st marks exactly one month since Ontario’s car dealerships reopened their doors following the coronavirus lockdown. It is especially relevant now as with easing restrictions comes a number of summer opportunities to visit cottages, experience backcountry camping, and many more. Anyone who wanted to get a car amid coronavirus pandemic can finally book an appointment at any dealership to choose the vehicle or even take it for a test drive in order to feel the road and spot any flaws before the actual purchase.

To make things even more appealing for the car buyers, automakers are rolling out new incentive programs in response to COVID-19 as a result of sharp decrease in consumer demand. As car sales fell by nearly 75% in April, known as Dark April for Canadian car industry, various auto brands are now not only considerably reducing prices in order to boost the sales but also offering additional measures such as different assurance programs. However, according to market analysts, you have to keep in mind that the window to get that good deal will be quite short between mid-May through mid-July as retail car sales are starting to show the signs of recovery.

At Capital Trust Financial we are here for you to assist with the financing of any vehicle you think of buying today regardless whether you found it at a dealership or from a private seller. Simply fill out our online application and email it to us in order to get fast and easy approval. We hope you are staying safe and healthy and will continue to inform you as we learn more about the most recent auto industry news and offers.