It’s finally that time of the year when streets are shining with Christmas lights, holiday songs are heard from every corner, TV is bombarding with holiday commercials and stores are full of all kind of gifts you might think of. Among hundreds of various options available today, a car might be one of the biggest Christmas gifts you could ever give to your loved ones and whether you spend $5,000 on a used car or $35,000 on a brand new vehicle, the thought behind it remains the same. Before you find a high quality car and head to the dealership, check out some tips of how to go about pulling off this thoughtful gift-giving stunt.

  • Know the Person. Obviously, if you are considering buying someone a car for Christmas, you know the person to a certain extent. However, you have to be aware of the lifestyle and specific needs; certain priorities in makes, models, trims and even colours.
  • Know the Financial Situation. Car purchase comes with certain costs and expenses that are being incurred over time such as insurance, mechanic check ups or gas. Think carefully before making the purchase whether the person will be able to afford the maintenance of the vehicle you chose. It is also important for you to stick to the budget and not put yourself in financial straits when heading to the dealership, rather stay within your means in order to enjoy giving the gift as much as receiving it.
  • Go Alone. Getting a car does not necessarily come with a “gift receipt” so it is important to at least raise this topic with your loved one in order to make sure that the car is one the “wish list”. However, keeping the element of surprise will turn this Christmas into an unforgettable event. You will also be able to avoid revealing how much you spent on this lavish gift as well as subjecting your loved one spend a day at a dealership.
  • Plan the Big Day. Before you end up buying the vehicle, be sure you have somewhere to keep the car until the Christmas Day. Ask your friends, family or your dealership if they can possibly hold onto the car. Please note that if you are not in a rush and can postpone giving the car after Christmas, you might be able to score better deals the week between Christmas and New Year as the prices significantly drop in the last few days of December.

Buying a car for someone this Christmas might be a good way to wrap up your holiday shopping list and step into the New Year. Be sure to follow the tips we provided, and once you finally decide on the vehicle that may be the perfect gift, we will be glad to assist you with for loans of your choice so that you will be able to turn this holiday into an unforgettable experience by bringing joy and incredible feelings for your loved one

The team of Capital Trust Financial would like to wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year filled with happiness and success. Our customers are the heart of what we do, we would like to thank you all for your tremendous support throughout this year and we look forward to providing you with an excellent car financing services all years to come.