With the world stressed out in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, the challenge is to find the silver lining. That includes vehicle ownership. As we are soon to be on the way back to normal life, whether you are considering to get an auto loan to finance the car, or looking for emergency cash in case you hit the wall of unexpected expenses, we at Capital Trust Financial are here to support you. With over a decade of experience in the financial and auto industry, we understand the top issues our customer may encounter today and, thus, can offer a spectrum of auto credit and financial services in order to provide you with the best solution regardless whether you have good or bad credit score, new to the country or even undergoing bankruptcy or consumer proposal.


Dealer-Arranged Financing

After you find the perfect car at one of GTA dealership locations, simply send us online application or contact us via phone or e-mail and we will help you to come to a decision on an auto loan that will work best for you in the long run. At Capital Trust Financial we also have access to a large network of dealerships that we work closely with which means we will also be to refer you to the dealership in order to help you find the best vehicle that suits your needs.

Private Sale Financing

In contrast to dealer-arranged financing, private auto sale involves the purchase of the vehicle directly from a private seller. The reasons car shoppers may prefer private seller transactions over dealership could be price, availability of specific color or trim, or simply knowing seller on a personal basis. However, it is important to enter into this process with a bit of caution by making sure that the seller has all the proper documentation on hands and that the car condition is in adherence to your lender’s requirements.

How to Apply:

  • Find a Car

  • Fill Out Our Online Application

  • Get Pre-Approved

  • Finance Your Car

  • Pick Up the Car and Drive


Car Title Loan is an easy and secure way to get instant cash using the title of your vehicle as a collateral where the amount of the loan is assessed based on the value and condition of the car. In contrast to any personal loans offered by the banks, you do not need to undergo excessive bureaucratic procedures in order to get funds. There are minimal financial, credit and job requirements that will allow you to get access to much-needed funds within hours.

How to Apply

  • Fill Out Our Online Application
  • Get Approved Instantly
  • Get Funded

At Capital Trust Financial we are committed to supporting our customers during this uncertain and challenging period as a result of COVID-19 pandemic and wish you all to stay safe and healthy. Our team of professionals will be able to help you better understand your financing options, provide expert advice on auto and title loans as well as address any other auto-related concerns.