As the province continues to fight against the virus, certain businesses have been given a green light to reopen and all of the Ontario dealerships are on the list. Great News! On May 1st Premier Doug Ford announced that dealerships may begin to open by appointment only, beginning May 4th. This move is seen as crucial not only for potential future car owners, but also for the whole auto industry sector, including car financing organizations, dealership networks and aftermarket services, which collectively employs over 500,000 people all over Canada.

Across the country, many vehicles remain round-the-clock parked in garages and driveways due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, it does not neglect the fact that there are still essential workers who may need a car loan to buy a car to get to work or simply those who are shopping around for that perfect vehicle that they need once everything goes back to normal. At Capital Trust Financial we finance it for you, you don’t need to pay it all in cash. A car still remains necessary to shop for essential items, such as medication or groceries, especially this spring.

At Capital Trust Financial we still remain open and ready to help you with your car financing needs. With dealerships now opening, we look forward to helping new customers afford vehicles in these hard times.