We all know about sweeping influence COVID-19 has had on all of the sectors of Canadian economy and auto industry is not an exception. However, as opposed to mostly negative effects everyone tends to think of when it comes to pandemic, used car market is actually experiencing the best performance along with the biggest price jump in a half-century. Since more and more people are cutting back on public transportation and ride-sharing services in order to stay safe, the demand for used car is so high, some dealers are even running ads and called callings in order to persuade people to sell or trade-in their used vehicles.

But don’t let the upended auto prices to turn you against getting a car that is right for you. In reality, now is actually the best time to visit your nearby dealership in search of a new vehicle and here is why: October has always been one of the best months to buy a car since most of the dealerships aim to clear their car lots in order to make room for the next year car models. And, due to unprecedented inventory stock up of old / current models that occurred during the last few months, dealers are being especially generous with fantastic deals and offers. The downside is that certain models and trims might be in shortage because of prolonged plant closures, that’s why you should move quickly once you find the best deal on your dream car in order to beat high demand.

With over a decade of auto financing experience, Capital Trust Financial team of professionals will not only help you finance any used car of your choice regardless of your income, immigration status or credit history, but also offer the most competitive rates, flexible terms and highest level of service during the whole process.

Even though we are currently facing new restrictions imposed to halt the spread of COVID-19 and many offices are closing back during this unfortunate time, Capital Trust Financial will remain open and fully operational in order to provide auto financing services and immediate support to our valued customers.